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Proactive B2B

The B2B market is changing the way companies trade across borders. This strong trend predicts that in the next 5 years, the consumption model and the relationship between companies will mostly be done online. Given this opportunity, we have developed a proactive strategy to optimize the efficiency of these channels and maximize product/brand exposure, minimizing initial investments.

Our PROACTIVE B2B services for international market development includes the insertion of your brand and products in our channels on the main International Showcases, as well as a traditional approach to research and customer prospecting. Our agents maintain personal contact via virtual handshake to “look in the eye and shake hands” with clients when doing business.With dedicated fiber optics, multichannel VoIP, hardware approved by all the global telecommunications giants, and software specifically designed to optimize the results of the operation, your company will have positive global presence and full real-time access to all research information, contacts and feedback.

Business Diplomacy

Commercial Intelligence: International Markets R&D

Creating supply chains along clients, suppliers, agents and partners.

Global Sourcing, Outsourcing And Agency

What multinationals do, you can too.

Quality Control And Inspections

Local monitoring of production, certification, shipments and receipts.

Technical, Commercial And Legal Translations; Real Time Interpretation

Good communication is the foundation of any business, primarily through distant borders.

Commercial Representation In Import And Export

We take you to the world and bring the world to you.

Strategic Procurement

Optimization of processes and global partnerships.

International Trade Shows And Travel

Organization of all aspects of the event.

Logistics And Customs Management

Complete multimodal solutions, door-to-door.

Corporate Consultacy

Business Model Engineering

Taxation and commercial studies to optimize the invested human, financial and structural resources.

Training Teams And Processes For Internationalization

Mistakes in the production line can cause huge costs once the goods have been delivered abroad. An informed and committed staff makes all the difference in long-term business maintenance.

Courses And Events

Part of our work project is leaving our mark as a legacy of constant development.

Legal Advice

Although the vast majority of countries follow the rules and standards set by the UN, WTO and ICC, each country is sovereign in its own territory. Understanding rights and liabilities is important to avoid legal problems, to protect investmens, and to optimize opportunities.

Joint Ventures & Foreign Direct Investment Experts

The world is increasingly globalized, and there is a tendency to multinationalize companies and businesses. Investors seek market experts, and competitors can become great partners.

Productive Innovation

In a ever shrinking world, companies who innovate reach the forefront of competitive advantages.

Financial Solutions

For imports, exports, cash flow and production.

Online B2B

The use of digital tools helps to reduce distances and line up partnerships.
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